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Protein high on demand,thought I share!!!

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  1. taisha's Avatar
    thank you
  2. MELR's Avatar
    Thanks. Very helpful!
  3. Vande's Avatar
  4. bigggietosmaller's Avatar
    Thanks for the links but are these something we should use regularly or just for a=occasional treats? It seems like they are high in carbs although they are low in sugar and provide some protein. I am sure they are much better than a snickers or M&M (I had so many M&M funerals before my surgery).
  5. Vande's Avatar
    Definitely a treat and not an everyday thing,and being our main focus is Protein,Water and Exercise A few carbs shouldn't hurt.
    LOL at your M&M funerals,Mines were StarBucks Cold Caramel Macchiatos...SMH THE STRUGGLES