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Holy Hair Loss!!!

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So it's been 13 weeks and up until the past few days I haven't noticed anything different with my hair. I kept reading peoples posts about how it hits in month 3 and holy cannoli my hair is coming out in clumps. I am glad I have super thick hair to begin with because I think I am going bald. I have been doing really bad with my vitamins I haven't taken any in weeks so I need to get back on that wagon. I have been doing really good food wise I haven't had anything disagree with me or gotten sick from over eating at all recently so I think I am learning my portion sizes and adjusting really well. Anyone have tips on the hair thing other than lots of protein, water and vitamins? Hope you are all doing well! Oh yeah I forgot to say I passed the 50lbs lost mark this week!!!! I am down 52lbs since surgery!!!! So thankful!!!!

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  1. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    Over 50 lbs....you should be so proud!
  2. speedracer's Avatar
    Drink your vitamins Shelby!
  3. Cfamily6's Avatar
    BIOTIN! I was told that is the key.. I am taking it but I am not as far out from my sleeve surgery as you are.. Good Luck!
  4. girliegirl777's Avatar
    I had really thick, long hair too, but not anymore! It is pretty traumatic. I started taking biotin in month 4, but wish I had started earlier. It does work to start new hair growth eventually.
  5. jillyjake's Avatar
    Yep I hear you - I am 17 weeks out and the hair is starting to thin out. Not too much at this stage. My surgeon told me biotin will not really help, it's just a side effect and some will get it worse than others. Keeping the protein intake up there will help. Still a little hair loss is a small price to pay - well done on the weight loss
  6. sociologist's Avatar
    I had been on biotin a year before surgert and only stopped taking it when I started shedding a month ago. While it helped me with length, it didnt keep me from losing hair after surgery...and yes I religiously take my vitamins and get my protein in. I had been growing out a pixie but recut it when the hair loss started. Its only hair and if I want it longer I can buy a wig:-)
  7. janetm's Avatar
    Everytime I brush my hair the hairbrush is full of my hair ... It's been going on for almost three months now and will hopefully slow down soon!

    If you want to learn more about the temporary hair loss we are experiencing read this:

    Effluviums (Telogen and More): Causes, Treatments, and More
  8. RoxFC's Avatar
    My hair was falling out in clumps for a couple of months. I'm now 9 months post op. I also have very thick hair so it wasn't obvious to others. I could tell in the front of my scalp that it was much thinner. I found that when I got a good haircut that I stopped losing my hair in clumps. I cut off a good 3 inches off the length and then layered the rest of it. My hairstylist recommended taking some of the weight off so that it wouldn't drag my hair down and lessen the hair loss. It really helped dramatically. I now see that I have a bunch of baby hairs growing where my hair thinned out the most. Hang in there! It will stop eventually.
  9. DebMo13's Avatar
    I think that is my worst fear!! I have always been a freak about my hair. Even more so after gaining weight because I feel like that's all I have left. I am not due to have my surgery until June, so the hair loss won't occur until fall or winter I'm guessing. That's usually when I let it grow a little.
  10. Mlagneaux's Avatar
    Don't get to upset about the hair loss. I lost all my hair, which was at my waist, due to cancer. I cried more about that, then the cancer!!!! It will grow back!!!
  11. capine1's Avatar
    I'm 4 months post op, and I began to lose my hair about a month ago. I take my vitamins, usually make the protein total, but I have a hard time drinking so much liquid. I get close, but I know it's not enough. I figure that a short cut is in my near future! If I lose it all, it will still be worth it! I began my journey as a tight size 20, and I'm getting ready to buy size 14's since my 16's are getting too loose. I'm feeling good about the changes! The hair will eventually grown back.