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18 Days Post-op

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I just wanted to update everyone on my experiance thus far. So I am 18 days Post-op! So the bus ride and the plan ride back was murder! just to cross the border was almost three hours and then another 2 hour flight home... I was not a happy camper. But the 1st week I pretty much did very little, didnt have too much energy. Second week I had to go back to work, which was really hard (no energy) I started the pureed food stage this week and let me tell you, it has been a roller coaster ride. Certain things dont sit well the sleeve and I puke them right up. I cant have anything with cheese in it. I was pureeing beans and cheese... no go on that. So Im sticking to bland food. plain beans, cream of wheat, mash potatos, and tuna. I have not been drinking protein shakes because they make me want to throw up... which I know is a nono. I have been taking a speical chewable multi vit that gives me the energy I need to get through the day. Im going to start drinking protein later this week. I think i'll have to plug my nose and choke it down.

Another thing that happened, is my stitches opened up. the top incision and one at the very bottom and one on the side. My PCP up speary strips on them, but those didnt last long. I found the best way for them to heal is to keep them dry, with nothing on them. I put binadine on them in the morning and before I got to bed. It kills baterica that can get in there through out the day.

Drinking water is a choir... I can barely get in 40oz of water a day because you cant drink 30min prior and after you eat... so everything has to planned.... Which can be hard.

I bought a mini chopper for this stage from walgreen for 15 buck! Work great, so you can do 1/4cuop serving size or make enough for two days meals. Im so happy i did this. I was expecting me to cry over the loss of eatting, but suprisingly Im okay with it and dont crave anything like I used to! WHICH I LOVE!!!! Im down to 252 starting weight was 288. i have no idean what my weight was before SX, because the never weight us.. which was weird to me, but whatever.

Cant weight to lose more weight!

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  1. sociologist's Avatar
    Awesome! Keep up the good work:-)
  2. donna1743's Avatar
    Just to say welcome to the sleeve side. It been 3 months and 35 lbs. lighter, LOVE IT. This surgery is no piece of cake it harder than any diet that you ever been on. This a brand new life we watch everything goes in our body and believe me I know how you feel been there. I still can't eat but 2 bites and I start to hiccup that the way my stomach tell that enough. I gotten use to eat sometime I get scare to eat but I tell my self eat. I get the nectar protein. They have lots of flavor. Right I have cappininco ,lemon tea, fuzzy naval, and strawberry whey protein . Sip on the all day long. Yesterday I finally got up to 50 oz. .. I started 10:00 a.m. Up till 3 a.m. The next morning. Just be patient and relax this is a remarkable jounery.......good luck....God Bless
  3. Paulleska's Avatar
    Welcome aboard your new weight loss journey.. I found I had issues too with Protein drinks. In fact I still do sometimes and I'm now 2 months post op. I can eat protein bars and they help. Things will get easier and soon you will know what works for you and what doesn't.. As everyone keeps saying "we are all different" so be patient and soon you'll be giving your own advise.. Good luck..
  4. fri38cy's Avatar
    What about fruity protein drinks??
    Diet direct has bariatric drinks that are 12-15 grams of protein
    I get a cran-grape and berry one that is pretty good.
    Just wondering if that might help you get your drinks in if they were fruity.