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12 Week Update

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Sorry I missed last week. I have been crazy busy. I only have two more pounds to lose before I hit 50lbs lost since preop!! I cannot believe how crazy all of this is. I am noticing that I am eating less but more often. I feel like I just munch on little snacks all day. Pistachios, peanuts, fruit, goldfish, cheese, just random snacks all day. I try to be conscious of what I am putting in my body all the time but sometimes you just have to succumb to that ice cream craving. I started adding protein powder and blending it up with milk when I crave it so it's getting more protein in for me. I am having a blood screen done tomorrow so I can't wait to compare it with my last blood test from a few months ago. I am so pleased with my progress and proud of myself for being on track as far as working out. I bought a new swimsuit for my vacation at the end of the month and I am pleased that I don't feel like a cow anymore when I put it on. Everyone is starting to notice my weight loss and complementing me on how great I look so that feels fantastic. I hope everyone is doing great no matter where you are in your journey.

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  1. girliegirl777's Avatar
    Terrific progress in such a short time!
  2. janetm's Avatar
    You are doing great Lulu. Success is sweet!