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5 days post op

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It's five days post op! Feeling ok. Not a lot of energy. I'm so glad to be back on us soil. That was a crazy trip. I met a couple of great people while there. I've already started to lose weight! I'm so excited for this process. When will my energy come back? I can't wait for week three! Mash potatoes!!! I'll keep u updated.

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  1. teresattt1's Avatar
    Im not sure where u went. But I was so eager to get back I sat at the airport for 12 hours before my plane took off. LOL. But it was very much worth it. Your engery will come. Keep up water intake and if u like them, the Atkins Protein Shakes got me thru. I still drink them. Look forward to ur updates.
  2. idigfrstbase's Avatar
    I am 2 weeks out and tired. I try to get in enough calories, 600 at least today I am low but I cant eat I am so full, keep up with the protein. good luck!
  3. jacquidaniels's Avatar
    Your mashed potatoes comment made me laugh! Only a sleever would find that funny! Best of luck!
  4. bgedang's Avatar
    I found that once I could get proper water intake, I had way more energy. Took about two weeks for me to start feeling it build.. and then before I knew it.. I have so much energy now with the weight loss and eating better that I cant slow down. Hang in there.
  5. leafswife's Avatar
    wishing you a speedy recovery