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10 Weeks...Skin Issues?

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Hi all! I think I am at another stall. I haven't lost any weight since my last post. I am however noticing that my skin is getting horrible. It's flaky and dry on my face and I have a lot more acne....has anyone else experienced this? I use a really good scrub everyday and it has worked for me for years but now it's like I'm going through puberty all over again. Strange. Hopefully someone will have some insight for me. I am very pleased with my progress still even though I didn't lose this week. I am down 44 lbs and it feels amazing. I am wearing pants I haven't worn in years! I am now thankful that I am a clothes hoarder. I bought a really clingy maxi skirt yesterday and I don't look like the can of biscuits when you break it open when I put it on so that was exciting! Lol. I am starting to see muscle definition in my legs and arms from working out which is even more exciting! I am finding that I get really sad and down if I miss a workout...is that weird? Haha. I guess it's good to have that mentality. I am still working on my poor flabby stomach. It looks pretty gross right now. I really need to work on tightening it up. My boyfriend still tells me that I am beautiful no matter what so that makes me feel a little better about it. I hope everyone is doing great!

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  1. healthiermama's Avatar
    The skin issues could be from release of hormones or depending where you are in your cycle it could be that. Not 100 % though. Yay on 44 lbs!!!!
  2. bgedang's Avatar
    you will have major hormone flux and your fluids are going to be up and down. I turned to homemade moisturizer and adding flax and chia seeds to my diet as well as consuming more Vitamin E and Coconut butter.
  3. mrsjoe's Avatar
    I'm three weeks out and my skin is so dry and itchy, that I have developed bumps all over. My skin on my face is also getting drier, which is making it hard to use my acne stuff. I have been assuming it was just due to the shock to the system of the weightloss, hormones and diet change, and am really hoping it goes away!