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Update and NSV

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Hi everyone!

Our daughter is home from college for Spring Break, so we had a Mommy/daughter day today. We went to this lovely, eclectic tea house I love for lunch and tea. I usually can eat about 1/4 to 1/3 of a sandwich and have a pot of tea (20 oz) over a two hour period. I don't know what was wrong today, but I barely had 1/8 of my sandwich and it took at least two hours to get my tea down. Unusual, but okay.

We followed up by shopping for a few things. I needed a new bra even though I'd gotten some new ones just a few weeks ago. They didn't fit right and were meant to be a stop gap measure, and we had a coupon for VS, so we went to the mall. I found a bra and was able to use the coupon - score! Even better, after I thought about it for a minute, I realized I haven't worn this bra size since before I was pregnant with my son, and he's almost 21!

We finished our mall excursion (I hate the mall, so this was a big deal) and went to Kohls on our way home to check out the clearance racks. I am down to two pairs of dress slacks I can wear for work and they are so loose, I can take them down without unbuttoning or unzipping them, so I was hoping to find at least one cheap tide over pair for work. The smallest pair of pants I own is the pair of jeans I was wearing. A size 12 - my too skinny jeans that I had never worn prior to surgery. They have been a bit loose, so on a whim I grabbed a size 12 and a couple of size 10s from the clearance rack to try on. The 12s were about 6 inches too big. Really? So I tried the 10s. They both fit perfectly in the waist and one of the pairs was actually cut too big in the rear. I got the ones that fit nicely, realizing that the last time I wore this size was prior to my son's birth as well.

Finally, we all went to dinner tonight at my daughter's request. Originally we had planned for Mexican, which is my favorite food, but the kids decided they really wanted chicken fried steak. We ended up at a nearby brewery with a big variety on their menu. I got lobster and shrimp enchiladas. I've had similar things recently, but not these ones. I also had two sips of my husband's beers. In both cases, I swished the sips around to release as much carbonation as possible before swallowing. Well after eating about five small bites of my enchiladas, I had to excuse myself and go throw up. I don't know what affected me wrong today, but it really felt like I had been waiting to throw up all day without ever really being nauseous. I haven't gotten sick like that in two months.

End result, two NSVs - size 10 pants, and 36D bra - and a reintroduction to the sensitive stomach. Overall, a good day, but maybe a bit too much excitement.

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  1. taisha's Avatar
    sound like you had a great time minus the sickness. glad you had a great time with your family and congrats on the new pants size.
  2. teresaloves2trvl's Avatar
    I still sometimes feel like I am going to throw up while eating-not nausea but just a feeling. I haven't thrown up in a couple of months now. I think sometimes I am not chewing well enough or eating too fast. Also certain textures affect me-like pasta is still a problem on occasion. Had linguini for dinner last night and didn't get much in because I got that feeling. I seem to do better with larger pastas like penne. It's one of those weird quirks you have to deal with after surgery.
  3. 3bandds's Avatar
    I am better about eating too fast but I take too big of bites still, although I haven't thrown up for about a month, (only 2 out) but I too had to buy new underwear! I work in a non profit thrift store (money goes to a DV shelter) so getting smaller clothes is relatively easy but I had to buy all new underwear. Great problem to have! Lol. Glad you got to enjoy your family day!