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Did a stupid thing just now, I went and got my husband a Reuben sandwich ,and he ask if I wanted half I said I wanted half of the half, since I ate a couple bites in the past and it didn't hurt me, I thought I would take a couple a bites and then I got sick. Started throwing up and dumping syndrome I will never do that again. I am stoping eating I will do my protein drinks from now on. For those whose are tempting to eat regular food take my advice. DON'T. God Bless

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  1. odessaborn61's Avatar
    you need to be careful, and I hope you have an easy and smooth recovery
  2. sociologist's Avatar
    Im four months out and still forget my new stomach is in charge now:-)
  3. speedracer's Avatar
    Amen, lesson learned!
  4. SethP's Avatar
    Well we dont know how far you are out from surgery but I have eaten the meat off a sandwich many times since my surgery. But I am 10 months out and am on FULL foods. IF You are in the early stages then you do want to follow the steps. Once you get off of soft foods and you want that rueben leave the bread on the plate, take small bites and chew well. Godspeed on your journey.
  5. ellymae71281's Avatar
    I eat regular food all of the time. Three pieces of pizza tonight...well, they were square cut, small, and I only ate the toppings...but, it works. I can eat pizza if it is ultra thin crust though (broadway is my friend).

    You just have to learn what works for your sleeve and what doesn't. Bread products are really hard on me and I am almost three months out. I avoid breads at all costs...but lunch today was ramen noodles and that went fine.

    I know my diet today was crap. My only defense is sick kids...

    BUT, I am just saying that I am learning that in the beginning some foods just won't agree with you. Case in point...at the superbowl party I hosted, a pickle mixed with other food brought my meal back up...now, I can eat a pickle and it doesn't attack me like it did before.