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Esophagus Test

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What is it? Does everyone have to get one? I dont remember anyone mentioning this test. Does it hurt? What are they testing for?

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  1. Think's Avatar
    Is this a pre-op test? Are you talking about the EGD? Or the leak test of the stomach?
  2. Erldnurse1's Avatar
    You are probably talking about a barium swallow test and it is to check for a hernia, very easy, quick and painless.
  3. amandajane's Avatar
    You swallow some barium liquid and they take x-rays.. painless and quick.
  4. natex14's Avatar
    I think we need more information. Did they call it an Esophagus Test, or an Endoscopy or an EGD?

    If it's an Endoscopy or EGD that is a pretty typical pre op test. They put you partially under and put a scope down your throat and into your stomach to check for acid reflux. I did it and it wasn't a big deal, I work up feeling really good and ready to go.
  5. Rocksjourney13's Avatar
    Thanks. I havent been told about this test yet. A girl I met at the hospital i go to texted me and asked me if I had been scheduled for the "esophagus test" yet. And since I have not been I have no further information. I had not even heard of it or at least do not remember this being mentioned as there is so much that has been discussed. I still do not know what pre op tests I will have to go through yet. Thanks for all the info you have provided.