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32 Pounds Down--I'll take it!

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Just returned from my 7 week post op visit. I am down 28 pounds, 32 altogether, including the pre-op. Doctor was very happy, and so am I. I was advanced to the last stage, and pretty much have no more restrictions. My NUT did tell me to give bread, rice, and pasta another two weeks. I am so happy that I can have salad!!!

Hubby and I went out Saturday for dinner. It looked like I didn't eat at all, but I did--BangBang shrimp! yummy. I also had a pomegranate martini, but only had about 3 sips.

Other than that, I have to buckle down and start exercising. I have been cleared for everything. I am still grateful for being able to have this surgery, and still a believer in the process.

Blessings to those of us sleeved and those yet to be!

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  1. time4change031113's Avatar
    i needed to hear this my surgery is tomorrow. i am having doubts asking myself what have i got myself into with cutting my stomach! ugh its a scary thought.
  2. Wrightone111's Avatar
    Congratulations and that's great work!!! I'm very happy for you.
  3. Angella67's Avatar
    Way to go!!! Keep up the good work!
  4. Mbenson5's Avatar
    So happy for you!
  5. Fae's Avatar
    Great news. Glad its going well for you.
  6. kenson's Avatar
    Thank you so much everyone!
  7. Salenah's Avatar
  8. janetm's Avatar
    Hey Kenson that's terrific!
  9. amandajane's Avatar
    That's awesome- congratulations!!