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5 days Post Op

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My surgery was on the morning of 3/3/14 and it's already the 5th day out.

I've had a remarkably easy recovery and attribute it to God and all the prayers of friends and family that were lifted up to Him before, during, and after my surgery.

I woke up from surgery in minor pain -- on a scale of 1 to 10 it was about a 5. I could definitely feel something was cut inside me -- my stomach. It seemed like an eternity but was probably only 5 minutes before I was handed a morphine pump. I was allow a pump of morphine every 10 minutes and after several pumps my pain level was reduced to a 1 and never increased again. I used the pump a few more times that day/night -- once just to get to sleep because of minor discomfort. I used it once the following day for nausea and then they took it away. My discomfort level was around a 1 or 2 from about one hour post op until day three -- mainly from nausea. From that point on, I just felt tenderness in the incision sites.

I did struggle with nausea for about 2.5 days. I was told it was common with the surgery, plus I had a hiatal hernia repair which didn't help the nausea issue. I did have dry heaves several times during those first 2.5 days of nausea, but there was nothing in my stomach so I never vomited. Yay!
My surgeon also repaired a hernia in my belly button which I didn't know I had. I had a wonderful surgeon. I can't believe he repaired my belly button hernia at no extra charge. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

During my stay at the hospital, a nurse told me that the two-week liquid pre-op diet makes it much easier on patients after surgery. I'm so thankful my surgeon required it!

Each day I'm feeling better and better. I was released from the hospital about noon on 3/5. I made my post-op appointments today. I'm looking forward to the healthier future!

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  1. Momof3monsters's Avatar
    I'm glad it went well.
  2. denise.jordan39's Avatar
    So glad you're feeling better! This is day two for me. My biggest complaint is my throat.
  3. mrsjoe's Avatar
    I was sleeved the day after you and am following just about the same trajectory. Pain when I first got out, but much better after the meds.

    I only had one day of hospital stay, but I didn't have two hernias to deal with!

    I'll hope for a continuously good recovery for you.
  4. arohaina's Avatar
    I was sleeved the same day!!! Came home from hospital yesterday and am still in a bit of pain but have had no nausia or complications.
    My trouble now is getting in fluids. I really can't stand the optifast post op so am trying to get fluids mixed with protein powed down throughout the day but...wow it's hard! I feel like I'm going to burst after half a cup of fluid.
    How are the rest of you going with that? Any handy hints you've come across??
  5. toutdesuite's Avatar
    I'm only able to get in about 5 cups of fluid a day. I found yesterday it was easier to get in warm broth -- veggie (I was craving it!) than just plain water. Maybe because it was more enjoyable.
  6. Mbelle's Avatar
    Great to hear that things went well. Dr. Rosenthal is a great surgeon I also had a hiatal hernia removed. It will be 4 months tomorrow since I had surgery and I've lost 56lbs and feeling great! Please keep me updated on your progress.