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Here we go!!

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Hello fellow sleevers! I am Elisa and I came across this amazing and supportive online community. I am seriously considering getting the gastric sleeve surgery done soon. I am meeting with a local surgeon to do my initial consult to get the ball rolling on March 11th. I am excited for this journey to begin and seeing how supportive and nice everyone is on here, I knew I had to be apart of it. I currently weigh in at 238 lbs. and would like to be at 150 as my final/maintenance goal weight. I have tried many diets and have even put this body through a couple rounds of P90X and about seriously injured myself. I think if I do end up getting the surgery, it will give me the boost I need for changing my lifestyle and building my confidence up. I am also dedicated to getting healthy for my amazing son, Luke. Although he is a skinny kid now, so was I at his age. The only difference is he is growing up in a very sedentary society of videogames and computer use where I was outside until the lights came on So here I go....step one!

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  1. bgedang's Avatar
    Welcome aboard! I started at 245 three months ago and today was three months post op and I'm at 189 so you shouldn't have any problem with your goal.
  2. SleevedRN's Avatar
    I began at 238 as well. 4.5 months later I'm almost to goal. Best thing I ever did for myself. You can do this!
  3. aboutime4me's Avatar
    Hi there and welcome to the forum. I began my journey at 252 lbs and within 10 months after surgery dropped 95 lbs. I have leveled off at 160 lbs and have easily stayed within 2-3 lbs of my loss. I will be 2 yrs post op on May 1st. It's hard for me to believe that much time has passed yet it all seems just like yesterday as well.
    It's the greatest gift you'll ever give yourself, believe me. It's an amazing journey, not without its challenges, epecially when you have to deal with your whole relationship with food. Each of us has had ups and downs, but I dare say most have more of the ups.
    Keep us posted on how things go for you and we're always here to support and give advice, if needed. Happy sleeving!
  4. MaryC's Avatar
    Welcome, I just join my self I had visit the site but hadn't join till yesterday I'm really glad I did I love to hear all the support everyone gives each other. I really hope this helps you to with your decision.
  5. KSNewMe's Avatar
    Thank you all for your positive feedback. I love hearing about everyone's progress, the ups and downs of it. I am 98% sure I want to get the sleeve but I am looking forward to my consultation to get more information to solidify my decision. After calculating my bMI, I am at 38 but I have also been diagnosed with PCO. I want to make sure that I meet the criteria to be a candidate.

    I gotta be honest that I used to feel deep down that any gastric surgery was a "cop-out"-that I should be able to get back to healthy weight with diet and exercise. However, after many diet attempts and workouts and getting frustrated with the lack of weight loss and failed attempts, I see that these surgeries are a toll that gives people the boost and confidence they need to work hard not to go back from where they started.

    Keep up the good fight and I wish everyone a day of healthy choices and active living! One day at a time, one meal at a time, one step at a time!