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Was anyone else afraid?

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Hi! I was officially sleeved yesterday...had a rough day/night due to pain from the surgery and gas pains. They had to delay my release this morning because the gas pains got so bad I couldn't advance to the "soft foods" (which was a requirement before I was to be released). Finally they released me and when I got home, I slept for a couple of hours (didn't get any sleep last night) and when I got up, I didn't know what to eat. I am so afraid that I am going to over eat and get sick because I do not know what that "full feeling" is yet. I still have those gas pains and I am unsure if the gas pains are my stomach telling me to stop or just the pains from the surgery...what do you think?

What did everyone eat when they first got out of the hospital and was on the soft food portion? I am at a loss here.

Thank you!


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  1. Alc2013's Avatar
    Hi Helen - I was on a full fluid diet for two weeks. Did your dr or nutritionist give you an eating plan?

    At two days out I battled to get down one shake. Go for the protein shakes and check with your Dr, nurse or NUT.

    Good luck. I was also really nervous when I first got out.
  2. NLott214's Avatar
    I havent been sleeved but done lot of research. I thought it was a liquid diet for 2 weeks first. But Im one to say dont be shame to call your providers office and have them give you a list again. Good Luck, Blessings.
  3. kaygee's Avatar
    My full feeling is pressure in my abdomen. I also hiccup if I've eaten too much. Measuring your food is critical at this stage. I was told 1/4 cup at most. I found that pudding and jello cups worked because I couldn't finish that small amount and they were about 1/4 cup. Don't push the food too much. Make sure you're getting fluid and protein in. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  4. Skittles's Avatar
    Take it slow and chew, chew, chew. Your new tum will let you know when it's had enough. The worst part is over. Now enjoy your new lifestyle and the results of losing. Best wishes!
  5. woodi618's Avatar
    3 weeks before I was allowed soft food. Liquid is phase 2 and soft is phase 3. I am 6 weeks out and don't go to phase 4 for 2 more weeks. Critical you get your liquids and protein. Check with your doctor or nut and see what they have to say, sounds to me you are awful early in your recovery for soft food (just my opinion).
  6. hcr00n89's Avatar
    My doctors rule was full liquid for the first day (if we pass the leak test we get clear liquids) and if our stomachs can handle that, they immediately move us on at lunch time to soft foods. When I came home I didn't eat much bc I was afraid. I did get a sample menu...just nervous that is all...I do not want to screw up my stomach.

    Thanks everyone!!

  7. kenziesmom_2000's Avatar
    use gas-x strips and stick with liquids ... broths, jello,water ... my surgeon and nut says no mushy foods for a couple weeks . the first couple days are broth jello and water only ... then for a couple weeks add shakes, strained cream soups ... mushy foods dont begin till like week 3 or 4 ...
  8. kenson's Avatar
    Helen, you should be eating only protein shakes, liquids, soup, yogurt, runny cream of wheat, jello, tea, crystal lite, water etc. Nothing harsh, you shouldn't be chewing at this stage. You are still healing.
  9. Pat56's Avatar
    If you overeat, you'll never do it a second time; it's the worst feeling in the world and the one time I did it; it lasted several hours. It is a self correcting mistake.