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Here is a NSV for me. If you are a schoolteacher, you know about the student desks, where the desk and chair are connected. Well, usually when I sit in one, I have to brace myself, and kind of get me and all my people (stomach) in to sit down. I had a meeting yesterday, and just sat down without even thinking about it. When I realized, about 10 minutes into the meeting, I couldn't believe it. I even had space between myself and the desk--like everyone else has!!! Made me feel kinda good!

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  1. MissPeace's Avatar
    That is a great NSV!!!!
  2. shemarie's Avatar
    That is wonderful!
  3. SuddenlySlimmerSusan's Avatar
    Great moment - and I always hated those desks.
  4. Jeanie's Avatar
    That is great! Wonderful feeling huh? Congrats! It is the little things like that, that makes this journey all worth it!