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23 Days Left

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I have 23 days left till I leave for Mexico! Im so excited but freakingout at the same time. Im leaving my kiddos with my husband, which has me worried. He has never watched him by himself for 5 days. We have a 3 year old and 8 month old. I know he can do it, but it might be a diaster when I get back. I have only told a few people that Im having his done. My parents, daycare provider and thats about it. No one else knows. To be honest I dont want the judgemental looks or comments from them. Cause I know thats what will happen. They have never lived one day in my body! Everyone of my husband side of the family is skinny and same on my side. Im the black sheep of my family FAT! Ive always been chunky even when I was little... Anyways, more updates coming and the surgery date approaches! I started a you tube video blog as well.

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  1. kaygee's Avatar
    I only told my husband and my bff. My husband has been supportive. My bff has been soso. She has questioned me about it and was concerned about the surgery. But she never talks about it with me.
  2. mrsjoe's Avatar
    I know what you mean about your husband. Mine sometimes forgets the minor things like oh, feeding the children. But luckily, your oldest is old enough to remind him when it's time to eat, and I'm sure the 8-month-old can express hunger. They'll be fine. They may get more junk food than normal and play fewer educational games, but it will be alright.

    So far my husband is the only one besides the surgeon and his team who know about the surgery. I actually lied to my work and said I was having hernia surgery. I'm using PTO, so it's not like I have to fill out any leave forms. I've also let drop to a couple people that I'm going to be starting a high protein diet to try to explain the differences in my eating and any weightloss.

    Have a safe trip to Mexico. I'm sure everything is going to be fine at home!
  3. Mktmathis's Avatar
    I didnt think about the high protein diet at work and the weight loss, I mean im sure they'll figure it out. I work in the medical field anyways...