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Support and Love

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The people in my life who know about the surgery are making me nuts. My husband who completely understands why I'm doing this is so scared. His biggest fear is how far away I'm going. My girlfriend at work cried today. My boss gave me a hug. My girlfriend who speaks fluent spanish phoned the hospital and the hotel and spoke to everyone. Great...when I get there they will all be thinking oh great...the woman with the crazy friend. LOL!!! I know they love me and for that I am so blessed but come on you guys I am trying to get through the next couple of days and preparing the house, the kids and their schedules, packing and hoping I didn't forget anything. Sigh...I can do this!

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  1. Vanessa2's Avatar
    That's soo cute! I love it. Wishing you best of luck, you can do this! Excited for you and to see your transformation.
  2. jduford's Avatar
    I am glad you are so blessed to have multiple layers of support. My husband was the only one that supported my decision and I was scared enough for the both of us.
  3. jarnols's Avatar
    Ya my husband is he only one who really knows. My mom does and she says she supports me but I think deep down she prays I will change my mind. In the end she will come around, I know this cause I am loved.. It sounds like you are very muched loved also. Blessing to you and good luck.. Stepohanie