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Wow! What an awesome trip!

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My hubby took me away to PR for valentines day. Sweet! The plane ride was relaxing. Lol. No seat extender! Lol.. I climbed El Yunque rain forest. My reward was swimming in the waterfall! Amazing! I was so elated. Hit different beaches swam in our own pool. So warm! And got a tan. The only down side was coming home. Lol I gained a couple of pounds, was not happy about it, but I lost it in two days! Back to my protocol diet. Missed the familiarity of it and routine. Strange. Didn't think I would miss it. I do know now carbs are my kryptonite.

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  1. Curvynurse's Avatar
    Lucky you! Feeling a little envious now, so I better go redirect my thoughts before I kick the dog and put my husband out for the night.