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Happy, Happy, Happy!

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Today was my second post-op appointment. I am down 24 pounds! I am happy to say the least! Really, I am shocked! I was praying and hoping that my sleevie would work when so many things, including my crazy thyroid, has let me down. I am a believer!!! yippie!! My surgeon was really happy and so was my nutritionist. Great convo with the NUT. She said that I'm still healing and should not be worrying about counting anything! She said don't count calories or protein grams or anything. She said right now, I just want you to make sure that you are drinking three protein shakes (I'm not), drinking 4 bottles of water (2), and eating three meals. Hmmm, I just have to figure out a way to get it all in, even she said that she knows it's a lot, but try my best. For now, she said that I can walk. She doesn't want me to use the treadmill or the elliptical, just walk--which is good because I have Leslie Sansone walking tapes.

My NUT also advanced me to Stage 3. She said I can have cereal Kashi, and Special K protein 1/2 cup and crackers. Crackers should be with tuna or egg salad or something, not just eat crackers alone. I can have hardboiled eggs ground meats, more veggies and more fruit.

The biggest surprise was my protein shakes. She does not want me to use the Designer Whey shakes until after I've healed. I need a whey isolate.. so, I went to the Vitamin Shoppe, trying out the Syntrax Nectar Vanilla, its kind of sweet, but I'm going to try to add a banana or something tomorrow. She also gave me a sample of Jay Robb chocolate which I ended up buying--so now, almost a month out, I'm on the hunt for a protein shake. OK, that's the update for now. Blessings to those sleeved and those yet to be.


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  1. Mich-D's Avatar
    Congrats on your efforts.
  2. janetm's Avatar
    That all sounds positive ... very encouraging!
  3. jduford's Avatar
    Congrats on all of your success!
  4. slags68's Avatar
    Way to go Kathy!!!!!
  5. denise.jordan39's Avatar
    Sounds like you're doing great!
  6. sraebaer's Avatar
    Great news!
  7. Louise78's Avatar
    24 pounds gone forever! Congrats & keep up the good work!!
  8. 3bandds's Avatar
    great post thanks. i too am having a hard time getting in enough protein shake and water. today i set a goal of 4 cups of water.
  9. April_2014's Avatar
    Congrats Kathy!! I am sooooo happy for you!!
  10. amandajane's Avatar
    Awesome job- congratulations!!