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Not Much of a Blogger!

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Obviously I am not much of a blogger, but I have been in a 6 week stall so I am going to try and keep track of my food and water intake here to keep myself accountable and see if I can not kick this stall in the butt.

I have found I can eat more food at a sitting than it seems most people report on here, and I find myself very hungry before each meal. It truly does depend on what you eat, for example two pieces of cheese for a snack keep me more satisfied than a small container of yogurt.

I find it frustrating that food is still such a constant presence in my thinking. I was hoping to be able to set it aside, only eat little bits and lose weight. That worked for a while. I obviously still need to be aware, but refuse to be obsessed with food.

To start, here is yesterday's food journal:

Breakfast - Sangster's 25g protien shake with 200 ml 1% milk

Snack - two pieces Cracker Barrel Medium Cheddar cheese

Lunch - Salmon Salad - with a little shredded cheese and full fat Miracle Whip

Snack - two pieces laughing cow cheese

Supper - 1/2 cup stew meat with 4 baby potatoes

Snack - 1/2 cup peaches

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  1. Tls66's Avatar
    We are not too far apart with our surgery dates, I had mine 11/20. I'm on a 3 week stall myself. Its my 2nd stall since surgery and my first one lasted 3 weeks but then the next two weeks I dropped 10 lbs. So I seem to do that. I'm hoping the stall will break soon and I drop.

    One thing I have noticed, even though the scale has not moved, is I'm still shrinking. I had a dress I wanted to wear for my daughters wedding and 3 weeks ago it did not fit, well today it does, even though the scales say I've lost notta.

    How many calories are you eating a day? I've noticed i'm getting to the point where I want to eat a little more too. What I've started doing is weighing out my food in 2 oz increments, and I eat 4-6 mini 2 oz meals a day. Some days I only eat 4, other days I may eat up to 6 mini meals.

    I see my NUT next week and going to find out exactly what I should be eating at this point.

    Hang in there, I'm sure your stall will pass soon. I know its frustrating, like I said, I'm on 3 weeks of stalling and about to throw the scale against the wall, so I imagine 6 week stall is beyond frustration.
  2. alice1's Avatar
    Perhaps you can try to eliminate carb from your diet and have a boiled egg for snack or steamed veggies. I use sugar/fat free Thousand Isaland salad dressing instead of full fat mayo for dips and in my chopped egg salad on cos lettuce, very delicious and satisfying.
    I am sure the number will come down soon, take care!
  3. Skittles's Avatar
    I had surgery 9/3 and am in my first long stall. It's been 3 frustrating weeks. I agree with the above poster tls66, that even though the scale hasn't budged, my clothes continue to fit better. I'm going to try 5 days of protein shakes to kick things into gear and change up my exercise routine. I would recommend getting a free myfitnesspal account and log everything that passes your lips. When I did this I was surprised how much sodium I was getting with high protein. Cottage cheese, low fat string cheese and low fat deli meats are lean proteins, but the sodium was surprisingly high. Good luck to you kicking the stall and wishing you continued success.
  4. SethP's Avatar
    I noticed that you are focused on how much you eat. You have not mentioned how much you are burning. The more you exercise then the more your body uses. IF you are not eating enough you will go into starvation mode. There is a man on here that consumes close to 3500 calories a day and he has lost over 100lbs. Now he does exercise a couple of hours a day and that burns up alot of what he is consuming. I do not exercise as much as I am supposed to and I have hit many 6 to 8 week stalls. Right now I have been yoyoing for the last 3 months and I am no where near my goal or the surgeons goal. Watch the amount of carbs you let creep back into your diet also.