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Feeling Blue

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My head understands that my body has gone through so much and that i should give it a break but i cannot help feeling like a failure. The scale just laughs at me. I am tormented by thoughts of failure! I failed at the lap band and now i am failing at the sleeve. I know this is irrational but it is a real fear for me. I guess the best thing to do is keep following the rules, increase my activity, and have faith that it will all come together soon.

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  1. kenson's Avatar
    You are not a failure! I think we are both going through our first stall. I had/have the exact same feelings that you are having. I've heard enough lamenting about stalls from this site to know what they are, but when they happen to you--well, now I understand the panic. I think that we both have to remain positive--we are eating so little, the scale will eventually have to move. I am putting my scale away until Monday's weigh-in at my surgeon's office. Hang in there!
  2. trhaye3's Avatar
    Aimee, You are a beautiful women now, I can only image your future. The Lapband is fast becoming the last choice for people because it doesn't work as well. Think about how you gained the weight. It took years possibly. I am sure it wasn't overnight. It will take time. Do what the Dr. said to do and it will come off. Feeling blue is a not place to be because you start letting yourself do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. Call your Dr. and let him or her know how you are feeling. Maybe they will suggest B12 shot or something to help boost your energy. I take Stacks 2 or 3 now for energy. Helps me to get going and have a clear head to get things done. I just hope I can continue after. I take one sometimes 2, it depends on you. You can get them from any Dollar store in the vitamin section. I feel blue when my energy levels are down. I try not to let my energy get too low. Hang in there, reach out to your Dr. for help, I believe in you, you will be totally fine and look back on this day and smile.
  3. thenewmetoday's Avatar
    I have been where you are. I also failed at the lap band (it failed me). The sleeve has been the answer for me. It takes time and patience, follow the program, listen to your new stomach. The weight will come off. I have been at goal for almost 1 year (13lbs below). I know the difference and this works if you work it. My surg date was April 17/12. Try really hard to trust yourself and the sleeve...makes a great team. Cheers
  4. Poji's Avatar
    I am not sure when you had your procedures, but take it easy on yourself <3 YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
  5. Tls66's Avatar
    I'm a lapband failure too (meaning the lapband failed me!)and I so understand what your feeling. I have such a fear of failure with the sleeve, but I've decided I'm going to focus on doing everything by the book. That means I'm not going to over eat, so I weigh my foods out. I also exercise 30 per day at minimum as suggested by my doc. Protein first, and no drinking with my meals.

    I think if we do everything we are supposed to do, the sleeve does everything the band was supposed to do. Another thing that helped me is I watched a lot of you tube videos of previous lapband patients that revised to the sleeve and they had great success, so that was encouraging to me.
  6. aimzee's Avatar
    Thank you for the replies. I am just a little over two weeks out from surgery. I wish I could stop this panic i feel but i am putting away the scale and letting it be and living my life. I hope that next time i jump on the scale i will see some movement in the right direction.
  7. sraebaer's Avatar
    Just over two weeks, I think everyone stalls around that time! Between my 2nd and 3rd week I lost 0 pounds. Seriously, you have to stop weighing yourself. This works. Be happy you were lucky enough to have this surgery, it will change your life!

    I am now in the middle of my 2nd, much longer stall. I have stayed around the same weight all of January. It really doesn't bother me, because this is my life, not some silly temporary diet. I am exercising my tail off. I am fitting into smaller clothes. I am getting compliments from everyone. This is how I will eat the rest of my life, so why should I get all upset over a tiny slice of time when the scale does not move?
  8. lundbergmn's Avatar
    you are not a failure!!! You are just starting out & it takes your body time to process what it just went through. Give it time & let it heal properly. The weight will come off I promise. Take your measurements! that's very important because sometimes the scale won't move but your body will have changed. I'm 4 months out & I've lost 85lbs total & 17.5 inches. also stop weighing yourself! I weigh once a week on a sunday. npot everyday because that would drive me crazy. Just concentrate on taking your vitamins getting your protein & fluids in & try to get some exercise in. You can do this! I know its hard to have faith,trust me I know! I'm a doubting Thomas too. But this surgery will work for you! Prayers & hugs for you!
  9. Desire155's Avatar
    You are not a FAILURE!! we all go throw this moments were we feel we not doing enough or losing weight fast enough I stop weight myself because it was driving me crazy every time i did I would feel so bad like it wasn't enough im 175 lbs now from 250 lbs and I sometimes feel I havent loss enough so what I stared to do is concentrate more on exercising and been active thinking positive and not weight myself I only get weighted at my appointments I has help me feel better...
  10. jduford's Avatar
    Most of us experienced a stall at 2-3 weeks out. Your body has just gone through major surgery. Most people take 4-6 weeks for their bodies to adjust to the anesthesia. Just take a deep breath and try not to step on the scale until next week.
  11. Mem's Avatar
    Be easy on yourself. Put away the scale and use a tape measure if you need some reinforcement that you are on the right track. You need to remember that your surgery was a shock to your body. It will respond if you follow the diet and exercise. Good Luck and God Bless...Mem