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A Journey Worth Taking

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I have a blog if anyone is interested it is



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  1. hcr00n89's Avatar
    Thank you for this blog...I am having my surgery with the NY Bariatric group at the end of the month and this is exactly the thing I was looking for to read. I am super nervous but I know that it is all worth it in the end. How was the pain after you came home from the surgery? I am a teacher in NYC and my doctor said that as long as I feel ok, I can go back to work that following monday. How did you feel?

    Thank you for this!!


    PS- I use to volunteer at NSAL and miss it every day!
  2. frankenbelly51's Avatar
    Oh dear, I messaged you before I read this. I didn't really have much actual pain, It was soreness, but it wasn't unbearable. The most pain was when I first woke up from the gas. They add air to your abdomen for easier access, but as soon as I started moving my legs it dissipated. My first night home I needed pain meds for bed, but only one night. There were periods in the hospital that I really didn't need any medication. They tell me everyone reacts differently from the pain, but the other ladies on my floor all seemed to have minimal pain. I took off two weeks. I probably could have gone back after one week, but I waited till my first follow up. I was glad I waited to rush back. My first day back I felt good. I gather you see Dr, Garber in the Manhattan office. I go to New Hyde Park. I think they are a great group. Dr. Holover was wonderful. That's so funny you volunteered at North Shore. That's great. Best of Luck to you. Let me know how you are doing.