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ms. p

Hair loss information

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To prevent hair loss, take 1000mg. Biotin, and eat enough protein. I had surgery 11/18/13; with no hair loss.

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  1. Hopefuljourney's Avatar
    I hope that works for you. Many of us didn't start losing hair until about 3 - 4 months out. I read something that made a ton of sense to me. What you ate 3 months ago is how your hair will be now. I was on liquids for 21 days pre-op and post-op, so I had hair loss. It lasted about 6 weeks and now it has stopped. Good luck.
  2. txredapple79's Avatar
    I also just started to lose hair at the 4 month mark. It's not noticeable yet but I sure can tell it's thin.
  3. dackn8tr's Avatar
    Sorry but that doesn't work for everyone. I took 1 5,000mcg pill in the AM & a 2nd in the PM so there was a steady steam of it in my system, I got all my protein & water in & still lost a large amount of hair over a 3-4 month time frame. There is nothing you can definitively do to prevent this, some of us are going to experience this no matter what we do to prevent it. I think what I did helped but it still happened. Glad you didn't have to go through this but there is no 100% prevention method. If anyone does experience it please remember it will stop & some of it will grow back!!