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Waist Training

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Hello All, I am wondering has anyway used a girdle, corset, vest or wait cincher since surgery. What have been the best brands and was this effective to get the waist down? How long after surgery did you start using this method?

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  1. Just2BHealthy's Avatar
    Since I have been doing my research for the VSG I have watched numerous videos on YouTube I came across Kianna who does waist training. She uses a steel boned waist training corset and she really looks good. She started her journey at 500lbs and has lost over 200+ pounds. She stated in her video where she purchased hers she also states that there is a whole community about it on YouTube. The company she got her corset from is call Orchard Corset. Well, I hope this helps you....Good Luck with your research concerning waist training!!!
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    I have never heard of that! Interesting.
  3. Gordita's Avatar
    fascinating. i've heard of it. but don't have the energy to do it. but pls post pix if you do it and have good results. i support anything that makes us feel great about ourselves that doesnt hurt anyone else.-gordita
  4. Ms. Jupiter's Avatar
    I want to try this myself. I have seen Kianna's videos and have looked at the Orchard Corset site. I think I am going to wait until I am down a few more sizes, or buy one on the smaller side. If I do, I will share any info I can