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Cheating on pre-surgery liquid diet

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I'm one week into a 3 week liquid diet. How bad could it be to eat a single egg?
My oversize body says, "Feed me!". I think eating carbs would disturb ketosis but I'm happy to avoid them. Not sure I can keep this up another 2 weeks without eating something.

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  1. JSMencer's Avatar
    3 weeks thats rough. I dont think it would hurt but thats your call
  2. bucbratt's Avatar
    I know cheating shouldn't be condoned...and I will probably get flamed for it, but I would eat the egg. I've been there and my sanity was at stake.
  3. girliegirl777's Avatar
    I think an egg is a decent choice if you just don't feel like you can make it. It can be a slippery slope though. If you eat one thing, you might start justifying more. Is your diet all liquid or can you have some lean protein? You could have an extra chicken breast.
  4. Aquajog's Avatar
    The liquid diet pre-op is the one thing I am worried about .. The Physiologist said to make a list of things to do when feeling hungry. LOL afraid that I will want to eat the list!
    Good luck making it through ..
  5. Babs4531's Avatar
    Try looking at the big picture. You are talking about 3 weeks in what will be your new longer life. The only one being cheated is you. This whole surgery thing is a head game. You should try to view the surgery as a tool. To have any success after surgery you have to be willing to change your mind. The 3 week diet, in my humble opinion, is the time it will take you to get your head in the game. You should be eating differently, exercising (that's something new), and viewing your body differently after surgery. The pre-op diet allows you the time to create a plan for your brain so you can keep up with the changes your body is about to go thru. Remember the mind and body have to work together so rather than beating yourself up for cheating, look in the mirror and have a chat with the fat person staring back. Say your goodbyes and get your head in the game. You will love the changes, and you will love yourself for doing it. It's time to be good to yourself. Enjoy your journey.
  6. Maia0628's Avatar
    Yikes that is a long time. I would call your surgeons office and tell them you are going nuts and is there any thing they recommend. I totally bombed my pre-op diet a few times (I only had to do it for 5 days) I still managed to lose and all was OK. Good Luck, soon being hungry wont be an issue. Soon you will be panicking because you cant eat all that is required. I am 10 months out and still have to remind myself to eat sometimes.
  7. speedracer's Avatar
    You may not want to hear this, but if you cannot do the liquid diet pre op (which helps the surgeon have a successful surgery, and a speedy recovery), then you are going to have ONE hell of a time post op.
    Don't let your brain play tricks on you. My head did the same thing to me, its because we never had real self control before the sleeve.

    Beat the odds, and stay on your liquids.

    Best of luck to you-