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Owner of Jerusalem hospital Tijuana

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I heard the owner of Jerusalem hospital Andres passed away a few days ago.Any one heard about it.?

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  1. Skittles's Avatar
    How sad. May his family and friends heal from their grief.
  2. RoDean's Avatar
    Oh no, how sad, I met him and his brother and they were the nicest gentlemen, and so very funny. My heart goes out to his family left behind, May their memories help to calm their minds and heal their hearts.
  3. Ann2's Avatar
    There are two other threads here about this. His name was Andres Betancourt.
  4. 3bandds's Avatar
    We were there the day after he died. We were told he died of the flu. that he fell ill on Friday, went to the clinic and then said he needed to go to the hospital. There was a lot of activity the day we were there. We didn't meet either brother, however there was just a lot of people coming and going. Honestly they had too many people to do so soon after. We were stacked up- like 12 or 15 people to do. It was not a good experience. I do feel sorry for them, I could see they were a close group of people. but there is no reason to keep adding people on such a day. It was not a pleasant experience to say the least.
  5. silver's Avatar
    my heart goes out to his family and the staff at the Jerusalem. My overall experience there was mixed at best, but now is not the time to dwell on that. He was quite the character, very interesting and mysterious...I was amused May he rest in peace
  6. amayzme's Avatar
    I also heard that it was thr flu. god rest his soul..and send peace to his family. i was there 1/4/14.