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Small children

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Hello all,

I have had my surgery yet but I was wondering has anyone had issues with their small children bumping you around or on your incisions just after surgery? I have a very active two year old and I fear that he will lay on my stomach or attempt playing with me and hurt me in some way, has anyone had any experience with this?

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  1. ChrissyD's Avatar
    My kis were 5 & 7 I just had to be sure they knew to be gentle with mommy. A 2 year old might be a little more harder but I think you will be fine. 5 days after surgery my incisions were pretty well good to go. Keep a pillow near by to have a barrier between you and him. Best of luck.
  2. 12NVDiva's Avatar
  3. SuddenlySlimmerSusan's Avatar
    I had a hyper active 5 year old with sensory issues who frequently crawls all over us, elbowing us in the kidneys etc. Trust me if my 54 lb son didn't hurt me, you will be fine.
  4. jduford's Avatar
    My children are 7, 8, and 9. However, I had a church event a week out from surgery and was jostled by a few of the younger members. I experienced quick jabs of pain, but they dissipated quickly. The first couple of weeks will be rough, but afterwards you should be fine. If you are able to have a support person to stay with you the first week to play goal tender, I'd recommend it.
  5. bestnester's Avatar
    My little guy was 18 months when I had my surgery, I was prepared with help for the first week. My mom came and took full control of him, there's no way I could pick him up, put him in and out of the crib, into a high chair etc. So help was crucial! Even after my week post op appt I was very encouraged to lift as little as possible. Lifting is the biggest concern, not really bumping into me. Your incisions are small so don't fret too much. Start preparing him now for the surgery.
  6. 12NVDiva's Avatar