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One Week Post Op Appointment

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Hello All,
Today I had my first post op appointment with my surgeon. He removed all of the tape from my incisions--Ouch! He said that everything looked good and that he would see me in two weeks! I got on the scale and the scale made me happy. I am down 15 pounds! wow, I have not ever lost 15 pounds so quickly before.

Next, I had to see the nutritionist, who moved me on to Stage 2--woot woot! She said that it was important for me to still drink the protein drinks because that's really where we are getting our protein from since we are still eating so little. So, I am sitting here and have had a couple bites of a soft scrambled egg, so far, so good.

Through all of this, I just give thanks that my surgeon's team is awesome and that everything has gone well thus far. I am determined to remain positive through out this entire process, no matter what!

Hope those sleeved and those ready to be sleeved are doing well….

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  1. jduford's Avatar
    Great job! I hope your journey continues to go so well.
  2. lundbergmn's Avatar
    good for you! Glad you're recovering nicely! Congrats on the weight loss!!!
  3. SuddenlySlimmerSusan's Avatar
    Yeah, phase 2! It only gets better - and the protein shakes are going to be important for a while.
  4. hersheygurl007's Avatar
    Congrats............on the 15 lb lost. Keep up the good work, and keep us posted!!!
  5. amandajane's Avatar
    Awesome job!
  6. Monique's Avatar
    You're doing great! It's so fun to see how different the surgeons are!
    Everyday is an experience but as long as we keep our eye on the prize, we will make it!!!