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3 month follow-up

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I saw my surgeon Tuesday and he was pleased with my 43 pound loss. Of course, I was too. If I could just get off this stall. My school is getting ready to start a fitness program after school and I can't wait to join in and try to drop a few more pounds. I am happy to have dropped the 43 and kept it off. A size 10 feels mighty good. Everyone just stay true to yourself and keep your goal in mind. You will succeed.

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  1. ira0911's Avatar
    Congratulations ! Keep up the good work.
  2. ira0911's Avatar
    Keep up the good work. My 3 month check up is in March. I look forward to as much success as you have had.
  3. Watch out world's Avatar
    I like the single Tuna Creations with ranch. 2.6 oz with 14 grams of protein
  4. lundbergmn's Avatar
    Congrats! Keep up the good work!!!
  5. jduford's Avatar
    Keep up the great work!