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Getting back on track...head strong

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Hi guys well neally 2 months post.
Thank god christmas is over.
I traveled to darwin from perth with 4 kids we stayed there
For like 3 weeks only got back today.
Iv lost 16.5kgs
Iv had to buy a whole new wardrobe and maybe have to do it once again.?
I haven't stuck to any plans the last few weeks.
Witch is soo bad.. I feel so guilty and can def notice the diffrence
In my mood and attitude..
Theres only 2 more weeks untill schools back. Thats when i really wanna start working out...
I haven't exercised at all really only swimming with the kids.
My starting weight was 95.kgs and today i tryed on a shirt that has never fitted me and the diffrence is amazing.. Everyones starting to tell me how good i look..
Iv stopped walking with my head down,
iv started wearing colorfull clothing
And iv started to have a real smile..
Its a really nice and different feeling..
I have no regrets at all. The hardest thing is to change my lifestyle..
Instead of my hubby coming home from working away and all we do is eat and drink. Now we have to try something new.. Thats the hardest part is changing all u no. And to get out of habbit..
I havent been on here for a few weeks and im so glad i have spent the last few hrs on here tonight. Just to get back in that HEAD STRONG MODE.
Thanks everyone for all your blogs and storys..
Sometimes we just needa hear it lol..

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  1. bluesky's Avatar
    The best advice I got was not to try and lose the old habits, but try and gain new healthy habits (that eventually push out the old ones). So what I am trying to do is have a go at new recipes with different flavours. I am also trying to have healthy snacks on hand so I don't have to think too hard, and 'going off plan' isn't then a problem.
    Congratulations on your huge loss - you realise thats like 35 pounds?!! I hope you have a heap of fun buying amazing clothes!!
  2. kacie77's Avatar
    Congrats on the weight loss!
    Sounds like you are ready to hit the exercise circuit!!! It's fun...jump in!
  3. Mcmegz's Avatar
    Thanks for the words of wisdom bluesky �� il defiantly think about that..
    Any advise is always good..
    Thanks kacie im really looking forward to it...
  4. AuntieIt's Avatar
    It's sounds like you are doing good. We are human, and if we hit a bump, like over the holidays, we just need to get back to the basics. Good luck to you and happy losing.
  5. jduford's Avatar
    Congrats on the progress! bluesky gave you some wonderful words of wisdom. Don't try to change your bad habits, try to establish good habits.