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Looking for some advice....

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I am wanting to have my band removed and sleeved. Looking to go to Mexico. Any dr suggestions or advice? I need to know who to use.

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  1. billiebennett's Avatar
    I am using Dr. Ariel Ortiz with Obesity Control Center. He is highly recommended and has studied and taught in the states. He is also certified or accredited whichever the terminology, for the U.S. You will find he is a little more expensive but I prefer to be safe than sorry. I am on my way next week and quite excited about it. Good luck
  2. Tls66's Avatar
    Good- Luck, I didn't go to Mexico only because my health insurance paid for it but wanted to let you know I had my lap band removed and was sleeved as well. Best decision I have made!
  3. thenewmetoday's Avatar
    I had my band removed and 1 year later learned about the sleeve and went to MX Dr. Almanza, paid 500 extra for the repair needed from band damage. He was great, surg. went well and I am now living below goal weight and loving my sleeve. He is a bit cheaper, but very professional great staff, no luxury just great care. Good luck.