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Pain in throat!!!

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Hey Guys,
I was just wondering if anyone has ever had a pain in there throat, when they swallow. It hurts a lot when I inhale. I have only drank water and protein shakes, so I know its not food stuck. If anyone has had this problem, or any advice(besides call my dr., I've just sent him a text) let me know.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. jactkb's Avatar
    How far out are you? I guessing not much since on only liquids. I have had a sore throat from being incubated for surgery before. It might be that.
  2. hersheygurl007's Avatar
    six weeks yesterday, but I don't think that's it. I didn't have any problems while in the hospital or home(for weeks) for that matter.
  3. reading mom's Avatar
    Are you taking an acid reducer? I suspect it could be from reflux. There are mornings I wake up with a sore throat and I think I had reflux in my sleep. When I think about the day before I always realize I forgot to take my pepcid that day. It could be something else but give excess acid some thought. Best of luck getting it straightened out! Let us know what the dr says.
  4. jduford's Avatar
    Strep is going around in my area. It could be just illness and not sleeve related.
  5. teresattt1's Avatar
    Nods with reading mom. I developed it as well. Im on prilozac. Hope u r able to find the source.
  6. girliegirl777's Avatar
    it is very common to develop Thrush after the surgery. I had it and it was very painful. Your Doctor can prescribe a mouth gargle that will take care of it.
  7. Max's Mom's Avatar
    I agree with girliegirl777. I had thrush before surgery & yeast infection because I was on a strong antibiotics to rid my stomach of the hpolori bacteria. And I was given the gargle and it worked.
  8. hersheygurl007's Avatar
    Just got home this morning after being at the hospital for 9 1/2 hours. They ran all the test and poke and probed and the winner is, "Esophagutitis" " inflammation of esophagus , caused by acid reflux. Dr. doubled the Prilosec and gave me pain meds/fluids while there. Feeling so much better.
    Thank you guys for all your suggestions and concerns.