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Happy New Year - 2014

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Good Morning,

May this upcoming year be a blessing to all. Yesterday, was my 1 week visit with Dr. Noyan after surgery.

All went well with my appointment, was surprised at how much weight I had lost in a week. Eighteen pounds (18 lbs). Mind blowing. Never thought I would lose that much.

I am please at how my journey has started and I pray that it will get easier as I move forward.

Continue to be encouraged and stay focused. You are worth the commitment.


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  1. ltlsqueak's Avatar
    Happy New Year to you Kay! Sounds like you're doing great! Woohoo! Keep up the hard work. This is your year to shine!
  2. jduford's Avatar
    Here is to a Happy & Healthy new year!
  3. awholenewme77's Avatar
    yay! happy new year