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Those "almost touchable" milestones.

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I have dreamed about this surgery for sometime. For years, actually. Unfortunately, the health insurance through my job didn't cover it. However, like a miracle, my husband's company picked up new insurance...and guess what? Woohoo!! I made an appt, with the surgeon the day after the insurance started. Literally. And now with my Christmas Eve surgery just around the corner, I can almost touch those small things that I thought would be illusive to me forever. Crossing my legs, standing with my feet together and having a space between my thighs (you know what space I am talking about!!), and jogging. I think jogging/running is the epitome of healthy images to me, and I wanna do it, damn it!! I'm gonna do it. These are some of the first milestones that come to mind for me. I haven't even started to think about skinny jeans yet...but I will. Skinny jeans to show that space off between my thighs!!

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  1. NellieFL's Avatar
    You go girl!!! Congrats!
  2. kacie77's Avatar
    Someone sounds excited for their new life to start
    Congrats and you will love your new tiny belly and all the new foiund energy that will slowly peak it's head out!!!
  3. akbutt's Avatar
    I just heard today skinny jeans are out for 214 You'll have to show off that space in shorts or a bathing suit!
    You are going to be amazed on a daily basis, I assure you! Your clothes are going to become bigger in what seems like overnight! Before you know it your going to be wearing sizes you never thought you would fit into...EVER. You will be that girl running because in order to get your heart rate up the way you used to at walk, your body will force you to pick up the pace. I never thought I would run but now I do.

    Your going to be so happy with your results and you will continue to be over the moon! I have been checking my reflection out lately and smiling. I don't think I have ever done that in my life.
  4. sraebaer's Avatar
    Oh no, skinny jeans are out and I just bought 2 new pairs!?

    Christmas Eve surgery? That will be the best gift of your entire life! Best of luck to you!
  5. lad45's Avatar
    I'm having surgery Christmas Eve too! So scared, but beginning to be excited a little bit. It is a gift to myself, hopefully I'll not have too many regrets the first couple days. Other than my little girl asking why I have to do it now (work break) I've not had anyone tell me I'm making a mistake.
    I'm just so afraid of the anesthesia and first post op hours. I can't tolerate narcotics so pain management will be an issue. And of course the vomiting....