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Question? How late do you eat?

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I just have a question?? What's the latest you all eat or drink??
It's 845 and I'm still drinking my protein shake is that bad??

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  1. holeymoley's Avatar
    i think if you body isn't getting enough sip til 9 or so...but what do i know? mine was over 2 yrs ago...wish you well
  2. JuliaW's Avatar
    I'm no expert - I'm just 2 weeks out myself but I say get it in whenever you can! Let your body be the judge - as long as it doesn't cause you any problems, go for it!
  3. lgutenberg's Avatar
    I usually only drink water after dinner, but I often eat dinner at 7:30pm. Sometimes I will have a protein pudding at bedtime. Being diabetic, I am used to having a protein at bedtime.
  4. Julieluvsb's Avatar
    Thank you!! I'm still sipping...
  5. Think's Avatar
    Yes, if I stopped too early, I wouldnt get all my protein and water in. I am still working on it too, and will be 10-10:30 pm before I give up, lol!
  6. BookWorm's Avatar
    I think it depends on what time you get moving in the morning and lay your head at night. I start my day at 4:00am so I start drinking early. I'm in bed by 8:30 so I don't eat after 7:00.
  7. SuddenlySlimmerSusan's Avatar
    It takes me to 9 or 9:30 to finish up my last protein beverage. That is part of the reason I switched the evening one to a decaf latte or chai - because I can drink it faster than a shake and still get 9 g of protein.
  8. kacie77's Avatar
    I start cooking supper as soon as I get home and usually have dinner done by 6:30-7:30 so it usually takes till 9 to get all my water in. Try and eat as warly as possible so you have time to drink and get your walk in...
  9. SoNotABarbie's Avatar
    I don't eat anything after 7pm an I drink coffee or water after that. Weird thing is my Bariatric doctor told me eat only 3 meals a day and no snacking between meals. But being a diabetic I have to eat something or drink something between meals or my blood sugar would bottom out.
  10. KevinsWife2007's Avatar
    as late as 10pm with drinking my protein shake... im at 40g rite now for protein... and I get it in by any means necessary!
  11. Jeanie's Avatar
    If I have not gotten all my protein in I will eat a Greek yogurt as late as 10pm. I have had no issues with that! Good luck!
  12. Michellemo's Avatar
    I Eat late. I don't like eating breakfast so I'll eat my first meat at noon my next at 5 or so then I'll eat at 8 or after. I was very unhappy when I would eat my meals earlier so I figured I would eat at the times that would make me happy and satisfied. I've lost 179 pounds so eating late at night has not had a negative impact on me.
  13. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    I would say as long as it doesn't bother u, eat as late as u can tolerate. Good luck