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well it's less than 24 hours and I will have my new jelly bean! The 3 day liquid diet has been hard, but I am focusing on the goal to be healthy and slimmer.

I'm still nervous about the surgery and how my new life will be like. Up to now I've lived a pretty blessed life and I am thankful that I have the ability and the sense to do this now.

My hubby is getting scared now, I am being as positive and reassuring as possible. I am initially going to have the surgery alone, but he will be right there by my side on Wednesday. Our daughter is also going to make the trek to Mexico for support. Our son has decided he wants to have nothing to do with this and thinks I am crazy to go to Mexico and crazy to have it at all.

For me it's time I do something for me! I live my life for my kids and hubby working my butt off everyday and trying to make everyone happy. Well, its now my time.

I guess this is it for now, tomorrow is when the true journey begins.


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  1. peggy1's Avatar
    So happy for you! Prayers for a speedy recovery! Good luck on you new beginning and I'm sure your son will come around!
  2. jeff g's Avatar
    Good luck
  3. Kelli D's Avatar
    Best of wishes and safe travels!!
  4. bda's Avatar
    Good luck. Praying for a speedy recovery
  5. thenewmetoday's Avatar
    Hey there, I see you live in Surrey BC. I lived in Boundary Bay for many years looking over the bay to White Rock and mt. Baker. All the best to you, it is nerve racking at this point and then it only gets better. Hope recovery goes well and you enjoy all the changes. I am at 18 mo. and so happy that I did it. Hugs and cheers.
  6. lgutenberg's Avatar
    Hi Barb,
    I am in Langley. I am 3weeks ahead of you, I had my surgery on Nov. 12th. I'm sure you have heard this before, but the sooner you can get up and walk the better you will be. Good luck and remember each day will get better.
  7. healthier86's Avatar
    Have a safe trip and see you on the sleeved side!
  8. kacie77's Avatar
    Congrats and your son will come around!

    What an exciting gift you have given yourself

    Good luck and keep us posted!!!
  9. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    I know that exact feelin minus the hubby! That is y I chose the username that I did