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A month post op need food ideas

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Still struggling with protein please give me some ideas too get my protein in. I honestly hate protein shakes gag so much trying to drink them.

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  1. Granna1965's Avatar
    at this point, my biggest thing to eat was a slice of cheese rolled up in a piece of ham or turkery. Good protein source.
  2. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Deli meats, cheeses, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, skim milk, beans, r just a few that came to mind that u should b able 2 have. Theres also a recipes/nutrition forum on here that might help u. Good luck
  3. ChrissyT's Avatar
    Try adding a spoonful of good quality peanut butter to your smoothies. Totally changes the flavor. I got to the point your at, I posted almost the same post and somebody suggested it. It doesn't work forever, you will get sick of them again but it got me through a few more days.
  4. greenmomma's Avatar
    Here is one of my go to meals. A half serving of special k crackers, it's about 15 crackers, one laughing cow cheese wedge, two ounces of sliced deli ham and some everything bagel spice (i buy it off amazon). Take a cracker crisp, spread a little cheese, sprinkle with bagel spice top with ham, eat, enjoy, repeat. It gives the crispy crunchy cracker, the creamy from the cheese, the protein from the ham and a big hit of flavor from the bagel spice. Two added bonuses, it feels like a snack but is very filling, and if you make them as you eat them it slows you down. I have this for lunch a couple times a week.
  5. lgutenberg's Avatar
    Today I made pizza bits from theworldaccordingtoeggface.com website. Very yummy and protein packed.
  6. lgutenberg's Avatar
    Sorry, pizza bites
  7. tmstaves317's Avatar
    Premier protein is actually really good. Ive tried so many other and nothing comes close to these. Premier Nutrition™
  8. tmstaves317's Avatar
    they sell premier protien at sams club and many other stores, check out their website.
  9. BigDogMom's Avatar
    There are several bars that I like...such as Pure Protein s'mores (19g), or Pure Protein Revolution chocolate and caramel (20g). Unjury protein powder is actually pretty good. Their chocolate splendor tastes just like chocolate milk. Also, Gold Standard 100% Whey is good stuff. 25g of protein per scoop, and very little sugar but still tastey. If you have a Kroger grocery store near by, they carry good yogurt. Every morning I have a Kroger brand lite Greek yogurt, and that's 16g of protein and hardly no sugar.
  10. SarahBear's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lgutenberg
    Sorry, pizza bites
    I made those tonight. So good! Thanks for the recommendation!