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Is it normal? Getting a little discourage

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Tomorrow i'll be 2 wks pos op, I was doing great the weight was coming off (13 lbs since surgery) however for the past 4 I haven't loss a single pound !! I'm drinking my protein shakes about 50 to 55 grams, im not able to drink the 64 oz of liquid yet and I'm also taking my vitamins. As far as excercise I go on walks and I'm on the move frequently.

Is it normal for me to go on a stall this soon? This is really bothering me

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  1. Tls66's Avatar
    I think your body is just trying to catch up now, you've lost a lot for two weeks, try not to stress over it and use this time to learn and focus on healing. I think its only normal to stall, and some people stall at two weeks, i've ready plenty who state this. I've just reached 1 week and am anticpating a stall pretty soon since i lost so much during week one. Hang in there and continue to follow the rules and you will be fine. Congrats on your weightloss thus far, your doing great.
  2. BladeFox's Avatar
    I agree with Tls66 based on some of the readings on this site and past weight loss experience that's possibly what's happening. Plus, drinking the water will help so try and get it in.
  3. rn2babes's Avatar
    It's not a stall, although I get your concern. Get used to it; you'll lose for days and days, then stop or slow for a week or so, then it'll move again. Don't become obsessed with the scale, it's not healthy. Trust the tool, track your food/drink, and I promise it'll come off. Now get on with loving your new you.
  4. sunnygirl_28734's Avatar
    I agree with all of the above, and it sounds like you and I are definitely on the same page. I'm 12 days post-op, lost 14 lbs. the first 10 days, but nothing since. I am not going to sweat it! I'm also going to weigh only once every week or maybe two. This is our new LIFE journey, we're going to have ups and downs, so we can't become discouraged when the scale slows down or doesn't move. It will come off, at a healthy pace, and you will succeed in achieving your goal!!!
    Remember- don't sweat the small stuff! Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Shelly84NZ's Avatar
    After my surgery, it took a good month before any weight started to come off. Even now it is very slow - but going in the right direction!
  6. Mccourtl's Avatar
    Agree with everyone. I'm a week post op and have finally lost the 8 pounds I put on after surgery. I feel that as long as I'm following the program everything will work out fine. My thought is that my body is also reacting to being on a starvation regime. It is certainly a challenge to get in the protein and the fluids.