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6 days and the Journey begins!

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Well it's less than a week for me until my surgery.... I am very scared but I know it will be great. My biggest fear is that I will never get back that 70% of my stomach, what happens if in the future I get sick? Will I have great results like the others who get this done? Will this affect the great job I had on my tummy tuck 3 years ago? (I love my flat tummy and cute belly button) these are my anxieties....

Last week I was to start my 14 day pre-op diet..... well that didn't go so well as I was away on a cruise. I did stay away from Carbs (90% of the time) and kept with protein and salad, but I did have a few drinks (not the frilly surgar girly drinks) I kept with vodka and cranberry juice.

So this week my last week I am keeping with the pre-op diet and trying to get more liquids in my daily day so I am ready for the next step in my journey.

In my office I have a saying on the wall for all my clients that reads " today is the first day of the rest of your life!" I guess this holds true to my new journey that starts on December 3rd. It will be the first day of my new Journey....

Stayed tuned for my experience with my new Jelly Bean!! (that's what I am calling my new stomach)

hugs Barbara

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  1. skinnyminiwannabe's Avatar
    My surgery is Dec 3rd too... I will be thinking about you that day.. We can do this... I cant wait to be more healthy and look smashing in some new clothes :-)
  2. heyheypaula's Avatar
    Another Dec 3rd surgery person here. I have been sick with a cold and don't have much appetite and that has helped me keep with the pre-op diet. On Friday I start full liquids until surgery day.

    Good luck my fellow sleevers!
  3. gem2's Avatar
    Good luck on your surgery. Which hospital are you getting it done at? Hope all turns out. My surgery is January 20 . Getting nervous already.
  4. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Idk abt the tummy tuck but u will have 4-6 stab wounds on ur abdomen after surgery. Good luck 2 u, my sx is Dec 6th
  5. Barbsbc's Avatar
    I'm starting my three day liquid preop diet and it's hard!! I'm so tired and hungry. I hope I'm doing the right thing? I can't reverse it so I'm stressed