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Recently sleeved... New to forum

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Hello..My name is Julianne, this is my first post however Ive been reading everyone's posts for a while.
My journey to WLS started a year ago, I went through many ups and downs but finally a week ago I had my surgery.. It's been a week and I feel great. Saw my surgeon yesterday and he was also pleased with the results thus far.
I have to admit that the road to WLS was not easy, but with determination and will power everything is possible!

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  1. CountryGirl72's Avatar
    Congrats on surgery and good luck on the journey. I haven't been sleeved yet but I will be in 11 days!
  2. Julieluvsb's Avatar
    Thank you!! And good luck to you!!
  3. CountryGirl72's Avatar
    Thank you
  4. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Congrats and good luck 2 u
  5. healthier86's Avatar