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First NUT appointment

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Had my NUT appointment. I was with a great group--we really bonded and talked as we walked to our cars. We wished each other well--it was really special. The NUT gave us TONS of information. We got the dietary guidelines and the pre-op diet. I will have to be on it for one week. I have one more appointment with the NUT in December.

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  1. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    That's great that ur meeting like minded ppl that u can talk 2 and know they r goin thru the same things that u r. I wish there was support meetings closer 2 me, closest one is 60 miles each way, needless 2 say I don't think ill b goin 2 them very often lol Good luck and have fun with ur group
  2. whistlerpotpie's Avatar
    So great to have a group to connect with! I use this site for that but it's not the same as in person connections.

    Congratulations on your progress. You will be sleeved soon!