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One week post op so happy :)

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I went from 271 day of surgery to 256 in a week which is a 15lbs lost yay me super exciting. So I went from 310 to 256 wow.

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  1. DebCos's Avatar
  2. Salenah's Avatar
    You!!! Go girl!! I can't wait!! It seem like your surgery went very well!!! Glad to here you are doing fine!!! Blessings!!
  3. orsola's Avatar
    Sooo happy for you woohooooo go girl
  4. orsola's Avatar
    i was 203 went down to 197 and it feels great...hehehe know how you feel
  5. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Woohoo, keep it goin! Good luck 2 u
  6. Jewelzs's Avatar
    Well done! That is awesome! So happy for you!
  7. leehee's Avatar
  8. healthier86's Avatar
  9. whistlerpotpie's Avatar
    Yay you. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
  10. smilez19135's Avatar
    Thanks everyone else it's hard getting my fluids in though