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Pre-op diet / Head hunger

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So I am on day 6 of my pre-op diet. Feels like it has been more like 20 days so far, but I checked the calendar and nope.. 6 days. The first two days where tough, I really do not like fatigue headaches. I have done diets similar to this in the past, so I expected them, I just don't like them.

What really caught me off guard is this sense of impending doom. I did not expect to already be feeling that. It is not a really big deal, just been a little more stressed the closer that I get. I want to be looking forward to the surgery, but I know that the changes will be tough. Years and years of bad habits have to be changed and my head is freaking out a little about this.

I am doing well otherwise, I have lost around 8lbs so far. I have had a couple little cheats, but nothing major. I had 2 pieces of white chicken breast and some mashed potatoes last night. I am allowed 1 "lean and green" meal every day on my pre-op diet, but mashed potatoes does not qualify as lean or green. I did on the other hand manage to avoid the massive amounts of chocolate and sweets that was left over from halloween. I did on the other hand get home late last night and had a small handful of those darn semi-sweet morsel things you use to bake with.

So yeah, head hunger is getting to me a bit, which is why I am writing this. I do not normally do blog posts, so this happens to be my first. I figure writing this stuff down might help a bit.

Also, I will confess, I had a cigarette last night. I smoked for 15 years and have been off of them for just about a year. Have had a few small relapses, but I was trying to steer really clear of them before surgery. It did me no good, I think I am just looking for things to keep me distracted from food. I am definitely looking in the wrong places right now.

I am going to try and re-commit myself today to the diet and refocus. The surgery will be in 10 days and I want to be ready for it! So back to the drawing board with this whole head hunger thing. Just need to start working on it now, cause I know it is not going to get easier.

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  1. healthier86's Avatar
    You have the right idea back to the drawing board.
  2. Sofiathefirst's Avatar
    You only have 10 more days! You can definitely do this. YOU CAN DO THIS! Think of all the appointments that you had to go to, all the tests that you did, the time that you had to take, money for co-payments etc. I'm sure you have a good reason just like I do. You made a big step by writing your experience. We are all here to support each other. Try to avoid cigarettes. If you gave up smoking for a year now which is really hard to do... the liquid diet is nothing!
  3. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Admission is the first step to recovery Congrats 2 u for writin dn ur thoughts & feelins, that will help make u accountable for ur actions. I also quit smoking abt 4 yrs ago...it was a b!tch! If u can do that, u can surely do this Like sofia said, we r all here 2 support each other. Good luck 2 u and don't b afraid to write dn ur feelins, whether it b on here or in a paper journal

    U can do this!
  4. mimik's Avatar
    I appreciate you blogging about your experience. In a way it can prepare me to know what to expect next week when I start my pre-op shrinkage. You can do it!! Positive thoughts sent your way!
  5. psis's Avatar
    As in your case, I had a "what the heck am I doing moment last night". I am day 3 of my pre op diet and it is ONLY low and sugar free liquids. I was lying in the bed and suddenly I'm like---
    ---what am I thinking???
    ---I can't possibly go without my favorite thing in life (carbs)
    ---I'm actually going to let some doctor take out 80% of my stomach
    ---What if something goes wrong??
    ---What if I fail and don't lose the weight??
    I worked myself into such a panic that I was thinking that I had to cancel the surgery on Monday when the office opens. Lucky, I work at a hospital where one of the nurse's had weight loss surgery and she just happened to be on this morning. I confided in her my pending doom panic mood and she said..........look at me............she showed me an old picture she kept in her purse. I almost did not recognize her. That was what I needed. LOOK at the long term goal. I think I was just looking short term. I know you can do this and SO CAN I. GOOD LUCK to you on your journey.