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Lots going on this week!

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For all the anxiety I seem to have when I walk into a doctors office this week has not gotten me down yet. Monday I had the pulmonologist appointment and that went well. Tomorrow I have the Psych eval , the nutritionist and sleep apnea study - a fun packed afternoon and evening for me!

After all that I have my endoscopy in 2 weeks........it's just been a crazy ride but I'm not getting off of it until I get my sleeve! HooRah!!!! lol

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  1. healthier86's Avatar
    Keep up your positive thinking!
  2. Sofiathefirst's Avatar
    You just reminded me what I had to do in August. Soon all this shall pass and before you know it you will be doing the pre op diet. Good luck to you.
  3. LSGUticaGirl's Avatar
    That was how my last week was and last Friday was my Endoscopy my surgeon found a Hiatal Henia, and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Gastritis and he told me just to pick up Pepcid but had my family doctor write out a script for me and then he also wrote out a script for Prilosec as well, and the doctor said when he goes in to do my sleeve that he will fix the Hernia. My Family Doctor said if you grab 10 people off the Street 8 will probably have all of the 3 things they found and its not uncommon at all. So I am not worried about it. My Sleeve is comming up less than 2 weeks on Nov. 12th. I'm getting so excited and nervous all at the same time. Best of Luck with you with your tests and appts.
  4. Kimpossible318's Avatar
    Getting closer and closer! Sooo many appointments, but it will be worth it! I didn't have to do the sleep study.
  5. kenson's Avatar
    What happened at the pulmonologist? All of my exams are coming up as well! November will be a very busy month for me! congrats! you're getting closer and closer!
  6. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Congrats, ur breezing right thru