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Back Pain

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Hello, I will be sleeved next Monday but I was wondering if the people that had very bad back pain see a difference very soon out? How long did it take for you to notice a changed with you pain In your back. I want to start working out soon as possible but worrying since I haven't been able too because of restricting with my doctor.

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  1. Think's Avatar
    I am hoping I can answer that question in the near future, since I was just sleeved a few days ago. Although it has been the pain from my back that kept me from working out and not any restrictions from my pain management physician.
  2. painfreenow's Avatar
    I suffered from severe back pain for years before my sleeve. I was on all kind of narcotics you can think of. Also my exercise was also very restricted due to back problems. All doctors said I it was very important to loose weight and since I had tried many unsuccessful diets, I finally decided for the sleeve. One month before the sleeve though, I had ozone therapy for my back. As soon as I got out of the OR I felt no pain which was wonderful because when I went to the hospital, I could not walk due to horrible pain. A month later had the sleeve. I think both procedures have helped because I have had NO BACK PAIN since My exercise is still limited but I can definately move more than before and most important enjoy each day to the fullest I'm sure the weight loss will help you because your back will not be stressed due to the weight..Good luck and look forward to read your updates.
  3. thenewmetoday's Avatar
    I did not experience back pain, mostly only when getting up and down in the front where the surg. incisions were located. just pulling. Did not last long. I guess if you have back issues pre surg. you may still have it after with the hopes that weight loss should improve this.
  4. ltlsqueak's Avatar
    Very good question that I can relate to. Hopefully, it will improve. Keep us posted and best of luck!