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3 weeks post op... constipation!!!

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I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow and still have some incision pain although I'm not taking any pain relief.

I am finishing my liquid stage today and start on mashed/pureed food tomorrow. My issue now is that I have awful constipation :-(

I'm drinking orange juice and taking my prescribed lactalose but nothing seems ro be moving this "blockage". Any suggestions? I'm thinking of getting some prune juice?

My concern is the blockage. Nothing seems to be getting past it!

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    My doctor said Milk of Magnesia, just follow the dosage on the bottle. Tastes gross but worked for me.
  2. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Maybe try either prunes or prune juice to help u go. Fiber will help u maintain so will greens. MOM will work too. Hope u feel better
  3. speedracer's Avatar
    4oz sprite, 4oz prune juice. Don't leave home until you have 3 movements ; )
  4. Hopefuljourney's Avatar
    4oz of Milk of Magnesia is the only thing that worked for me.
  5. sdlika's Avatar
    I take a low dose of magnesium and it works like a charm. Just a thought if your tummy can take it.
  6. Sofiathefirst's Avatar
    I haven't had the surgery yet but I have read so many stories on this site about constipation so on Friday I asked my surgeon and he said to Milk of Magnesia. This should help you. Good luck!
  7. Rose69's Avatar
    I'm 12 months out and I still have constipation issues. My gastroenterologist recommended Mira lax. It's over the counter. You just mix one cap of the white flavorless powder on any drink (I mix it with water) and drink it down 1 to 2 times a day. In 1 to 3 days its just gives you a total bowel cleanse, the best part, no cramping. I highly recommend it! Best of luck!
  8. tmo1973's Avatar
    I eat Activia greek yogurt & 2 fiber gummies EVERY morning. It really helps keep me "regular".
  9. lehinva's Avatar
    As long as you are passing gas you don't have a blockage. I bought stock in Miralax and drank it daily for over a week and then when things started moving I haven't really needed it. Now I have a ton of Miralax.
  10. Happy Happy Happy!'s Avatar
    I take one Colace/generic per day and it keeps things "soft." You can find it at any drugstore and even Costco/Sams.

    Good luck.
  11. kcispy4's Avatar
    What I wouldn't give to be constipated for a couple of days LOL. I'm 11 days out with no solid movements. I'm lactose intolerant and trying to stay away from too many milk products but you can only stomach so many protein shakes before you just want some yogurt. Once you get things moving try a regular stool softener. It's not a laxative but will help you go without any straining. Good luck!
  12. Lauriet0608's Avatar
    My doctor prescribed lactalose on the day of surgery and that obviously hasn't worked.... I'm in the UK so have movicol which is the UK miralax. Will see how it goes. If no joy after 3 days I'll be off to a&e :-(
  13. gini's Avatar
    Just make sure you get this resolved before you get impacted. It is awful and it put me back in the hospital one month out, so be careful. My gastroenterologist had to put me under to do a scope and then when he discharged me he put me on Colace 100mg twice a day and Miralax nightly. God's speed!
  14. Lauriet0608's Avatar
    Well I was impacted!! Have never been in so much pain :-(

    Although I've had the surgery to be healthier and slimmer - I've never been so ill or visited the hospital or GP so much. Feeling a little sorry for myself at the moment but at least I'm all "clear". Am now on two sachets of movicol daily.
  15. gini's Avatar
    I feel exactly the same way! I'm so glad to know you're all clear!
  16. Think's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by speedracer
    4oz sprite, 4oz prune juice. Don't leave home until you have 3 movements ; )
    Just as an offside, I think this combo tastes like Dr Pepper!
  17. Think's Avatar
    I am SO sorry to hear!!! Most people that have been impacted say it is terribly painful! Glad you are on the mend now!