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Got myself a new bra.

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After a week of feeling most uncomfortable I took myself off for a bra fitting. I've gone from an 18F to a 12H. So my boobs are basically the same size, but I've lost the padding around the chest and back so now there is a marked difference between the two.

The other things I bought... A Sportscraft shirt in a size 12! Normal sized fitness pants and 3 t- shirts designed specifically for fitness workouts and one is a small!

Absolutely amazing and cannot wait to try them out.

I am a very lucky girl and grateful for this sleeve everyday.

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  1. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Congrats 2 u
  2. speedracer's Avatar
    It's so nice hearing from you-
  3. Kylie78's Avatar
    Awesome stuff! Very happy for you