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It's so hard

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I have been dealing with trying to loose weight for over 9 years now. My whole life I have been called fat by my grandmother and put down and just never fit in, I would eat to make me feel better. I'm 34 years old with 4 daughter's and im finally doing something for me know. I will be getting the sleeve on 9/6/2013. I really have no support and noone understands why I want to have the surgery.

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  1. tdl0975's Avatar
    You got the sleeve or what? Good for you either way!!!! Just remember that no matter what or who puts you down dont matter!! You have to do what you feel is best for you!!! I had mine despite critisism and am very happy with my decision!!! Good luck
  2. ltlsqueak's Avatar
    Stay strong and do this for YOU and your children. I used to leave my grandmothers crying because she'd always say: "You're so pretty, but you're just fat." I've decided to do this for my health and my daughter. I wish I'd had it done years ago. Wishing you much success and confidence in the months to come!
  3. greenmomma's Avatar
    You'll find lot's of support here. You CAN do this!
  4. orsola's Avatar
    We are here for you!!!! Dont you doubt it for a minute!!
  5. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Don't listen to the negative comments, they r just BS! This is 4 u, not them, U DESERVE THIS! Keep ur head up and don't let ur girls c that it hurts u. Good luck 2 u and remember, there r a bunch of ppl here that r willing to talk u thru any probs or to just lift ur spirits
  6. fatbratt's Avatar
    Thank you everyone. Im very happy I found this site and have the support
  7. KebfromCincy's Avatar
    OK - first thing. Change your screen name!!!! Do not call yourself that or let anyone else do it. My Grandmother said a few things to me too when I was a teenager. That hurt me so much. I have a brand new baby Granddaughter and at 8 months she is a chunk. But she is going to run that off once she walks and I will never make fun of her. Also, she is going to have Grammy as an example of what not to do to yourself. By the time she remembers me, I will be much thinner. But she will see pictures. Good luck in your journey. Don't let anyone talk you out of it. Stop talking about it with all the naysayers. It is none of their business. They will shut up soon enough when they start seeing the new you.