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Blessings to All

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Good Afternoon,

Praying all are well and blessed. Just wanted to share with everyone how blessed we all are in finding this site to share and encourage one another as we all walk the journey to the "New You".

I've been encouraged by many of the postings and I pray that my postings are an encouragement to you as well.

Now that I have decided to become a Sleever, I've been preparing myself mentally, emotionally and physically for my upcoming surgery in December. I know and understand that it is a great decision for all who have and will make. For me it is a long time come and well overdue.

Let us all be encouraged.


Have a blessed day.

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  1. Lashauntey's Avatar
    thanks hun!
  2. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Ty n good luck to u on ur journey
  3. KayCeeBee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lashauntey
    thanks hun!

    You welcome.
  4. KayCeeBee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ThisIs4Me
    Ty n good luck to u on ur journey

    Thank you.