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The waiting game

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I went to meet my surgeon and my nut yesterday. I have to wait til the Sept 18 for them to send off for approval, that's when my 90 days will be up. Now they tell me I have to go to a diet group class on the 26th of Sept for counseling on how to eat on my pre-op diet and after surgery. The surgeon said it probably would be the middle of Oct when I can have the surgery. I was hoping for end of Sept but that how it goes. Hope everything goes now as planned and get my approval.


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  1. kaygee's Avatar
    We've all been through that waiting game. It's awful, isn't it? But it's already the 11th. Mid-October will be here before you know it.
  2. Kimpossible318's Avatar
    I know you are disappointed about having to wait a bit longer than you anticipated, but trust me....time will fly by! I got approved at the end of May, but due to work issues couldn't take time off until September. At first I was upset, but I have to say I've been able to spend more time learning everything I can about the sleeve and meeting new friends on here. Best wishes for getting that approval asap! =)