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Need advice

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So now that I'm closer to getting a surgery date I'm wondering how long I should be off of work? I'm on my feet for 4hrs a day doing dishes & preparing & serving lunch @ a school cafeteria. I'm just wondering how soon I should go back to work. All info welcome!

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  1. kaygee's Avatar
    Explain your job duties to your doctor and they will tell you how long you need to be out of work. My doc says between 3-6 weeks total depending on how physically demanding your job is.
  2. Java Girl's Avatar
    I am on my feet 8-10 hours a day at work and was off for 2 weeks...just had to be careful with any lifting. I usually arrived home at night exhausted and was in bed by 8pm but slowly my energy is returning. I am 6 weeks out. Good luck on your journey.
  3. ScarlettO's Avatar
    I take care of children all day long. Moving and lifting and all sorts of fun stuff. I was out of work for 2 weeks. And was also tired at the end of the day once I went back. Plan plenty of sleep time and NOTHING for your week ends at first It also depends also on your personal pain thresh hold and how much bumping your new tummy may take on your job, as that caused me pain when a child would bump it at first. Good luck, all in all recovery isn't bad for most.
  4. Breen's Avatar
    You are gonna be pretty wiped out for a couple of weeks. I was really clammy, dizzy and sleepy for about 3 weeks doing nothing physical. I'd do 3 weeks in case.